Shayna Adler Band

Shayna Adler is a gypsy, folky singer-songwriter from Long Beach, California, currently on tour.

An Americana artist, Shayna’s lyric-loving songs will take you on adventures and introduce you to characters and stories never heard before. She writes forensically: often beginning with deep, detailed descriptions and otherworldly melodies.

Much of her songwriting has been influenced by writers like Bob Dylan, Joni Mitchell, Jim Croce, John Denver, and Leonard Cohen. Her unmistakable voice has been compared to Natalie Merchant and k.d. lang.

An avid musician, Shayna is a multi-instrumentalist, mainly performing with acoustic guitar. She also plays the mandolin, fiddle, alto sax, electric bass, and keyboards. Outside of her endeavors as an artist, Shayna is an accomplished audio engineer and producer in Los Angeles.